February 2018


I am still going barefoot, relishing cold water frolics in the surf, and collecting cowrie shells. The natural world continues to be a source of inspiration and nourishment for my soul.

Our neighbour has created an Evolution Walk on his 100 acre property down the hill from us. It dates back 600 million years, with each big footstep representing 500,000 years. The 2km walk takes in magnificent coastal scenery, beautiful hand sculptured wooden benches at strategic spots for contemplation, art works, poetry and markers for significant moments in time. I now know that sharks predate humans by almost 400 million years and bees by 100 million years, and have a better perspective on just how little time modern humans have been around, a mere 300,000 years. How blessed am I to be able to walk this walk at my whim.

In June 2017 I travelled to Japan with my daughter Kristin to welcome the latest addition to our family. A beautiful grand daughter, Pascale, was born to my daughter in law Lara. The time spent with Josh and his family will be treasured forever. Teeing up Kristin’s parents in law to travel from South Australia to help look after Linc and Nina and having Marion’s blessing made it all possible for which I am so grateful.

Over the past 2 months Marion and I have been actively involved in a campaign to safeguard the Tasman Peninsula’s waters from a huge expansion of fish farming. It is proposed that one of the major fish farming companies put 64 fish pens, each holding 50,000 salmon in the waters west of Wedge Island in Storm Bay. Once this is given the go ahead the other 2 major players plan to rapidly expand their interests also in Storm Bay. At present 50 million kgs of salmon are produced in Tasmania per year. If the current proposal goes ahead the big 3 aspire to produce 80 million kgs per year from Storm Bay alone. This is fish farming on a massive scale and would do untold damage to the local environment. Our beautiful wild and free bay would never be the same.

Many consumers are unaware of what goes into the fish feed. Chicken fat and feathers,  blood meal and meat meal from the beef, lamb and pig industries, synthetic dyes, soya protein concentrate and canola oil are all part of the mix. For more on canola google Dr Mercola Canola Oil.

On the subject of oils, the focus needs to be more good oils and less bad oils.  I classify all highly processed oils in the latter category. Trans and hydrogenated fats are not healthy. Extra virgin olive oil, fat from grass fed/organically raised animals, avocados, nuts and seeds, coconut oil, organic dairy and eggs, small oily wild caught fish and 70%+ dark chocolate are all sources of good fats.

The body’s pH continues to absorb me. More and more often I am finding that it is not the diet that contributes to harmful acidity but an overactive “fright and flight “ response. Negative thoughts and being overwhelmed or overloaded in one’s life can also be big players, as well as the usual rushing, pushing, being pushed and busy mind.

This year consider going a little slower, getting rid of that which you no longer need in your life and take time to notice the wonder that is all around. And go barefoot of course!