February 2017

Another year is well underway and life marches on. in this fast and sometimes furious world of ours the need to prioritize is indeed a priority!! For me, telling myself to SLOW DOWN is on top of the list. All my life I have been in a rush, but maybe, I thought, if I just go that little bit slower, I will still get heaps done AND I will be able to smell the roses. To this end I have started walking barefoot outside. 4 days per week I set off on the 4km walk to and fro the beach. There is no question about the pace as if I hurry like I used to, I end up stepping on sharp stones, she oak cones or very painful roots. Now my barefoot meander has become an exercise in mindfulness and I relish the joy of the yielding earth after the rain, the springyness of the Casuarina needles and the warm wash of the surf on my bare feet. As well, I get all the benefits of earthing my body and rebalancing in tune with the pulse of the Planet.

2016 saw Marion and I make our regular 3 crossings back and forward over Bass Strait to see patients in Frankston and catch up with family, especially the 2 beautiful grandchildren, and friends. We also attended my son Josh’s wedding celebrations in Melbourne over the Australia Day weekend. In March I celebrated my 60th Birthday and in November traveled to Japan to visit Josh and his lovely wife Lara. Japan is an amazing country to experience, such a contrast of very old and very new, and I loved every moment. Imagine how happy I was when it was announced another grandchild was on the way and could I please come over for a few weeks to help out in June 2017!!

Living at Roaring continues to bring great pleasure. Our bees excelled last year with a massive 50kg of the most exquisite honey. Unfortunately 2 of the 6 gooseberry bushes succumbed to the dry conditions but nevertheless the yield from the remaining bushes was double that of 2015. Kale grows particularly well in our locale and we seem to be harvesting it all year around…kale pikelets and kale chips are 2 of our great favorites. Despite the sometimes icy conditions I submerged in the waters of Storm Bay a total of 25 times and found 14 cowrie shells on the beach…who is counting!! Our neighborhood waged war on invasive Spanish Heath in September and we joined in the fray. Even the Green army were deployed to assist!! As I make my way back from the beach now, I notice hundreds of baby Spanish Heath poking their heads through the earth… I know who has won!

On reflecting on my work over the past year, It is becoming more and more obvious to me that STRESS, and the ability to cope or not are huge determinants of physical health. As always the state of the Gut is of major importance and I am prescribing more and more Probiotics and recommending prebiotics and more fermented foods for those who do not have a yeast overgrowth. I have also been inquiring as to how happy my patients feel, the Happier we are the Healthier we are!!

In closing, my final words are Be Kind, Be Positive and try going Bare Foot Outside!!