June 2015

Welcome to my new website.

2015 has dawned, time to reflect and set new goals.

My half marathon up Mt Wellington was run in November and I was proud that my time was within the 3 hr limit I set myself. 2 weeks before the race I had a trial run and it was one of the most uplifting experiences of my life. The forecast was for snow to 800m. Dressed for the cold I set off at 7am. The sky was overcast and there was a definite chill in the air but no wind made conditions ideal. Within 3 km of the summit, fresh snow was evident, but by this time the sun had come out and I was feeling strong. I reached the finish marker, turned around and jogged the 3km back to the Chalet where Marion was waiting to take me back to Hobart. The outside temperature was only 2 degrees but inside I was on fire with the elation of having attained my goal. All those 20+km runs for the weeks leading up to that point had paid dividends, and the deep satisfaction I felt placed me in a state of bliss for days.

I have now refocussed and turned my attention to helping Marion in our garden and spending more time on my woodwork.

On New Year’s Eve Marion spotted a fat tiger snake sunning itself under our balcony. 2 days later 2 baby snakes were observed in the vicinity. As beautiful as they are we have invested in 4 solar snake deterrents!!

Our bees survived their first winter, however it was noted that our original hive was not as busy as the other. With the assistance of a friend who knows all about bees, it was determined that it was queenless, so 2 frames of brood were transferred from the healthy hive. We are eagerly awaiting the raising of a new queen within the next month. To observe the bees going about their business is fascinating indeed, more so to acknowledge their huge role in the pollination of plants, which together with water, forms the very basis of life on our planet.

How interdependent all life is, and how important it is for us to look after each other, including out animal and plant friends, and to shun the use of harmful chemicals and toxic products in our daily lives which threaten the very fabric of our existence. Likewise we should avoid harsh words and negative thoughts which also have the potential to disrupt the smooth operation of Spaceship Earth.

My message to you this year is to live simply, appreciate all that you have, eat fresh, whole foods, preferably grown without chemicals, drink plenty of good water, exercise regularly, smile a lot and take care of each other.

Yours in good health, peace and happiness,