January 2016

The passage of time is inexorable. My mother, so beautiful in her youth, now in her 80s, ageing with grace and style. Still sprightly and active, she maintains her independence fiercely and cooks and cleans for my younger brother who shares her home. My lovely daughter Kristin, 33 and happily married, mother to my two cherished grandchildren, Linc and Nina. My son Josh, 31 and soon to be married and live in Japan for a year or two. I look at my greying hair and ageing skin and accept the senior, I am officially to become this year. No more 20 Km runs for me!! I am content with a leisurely 10km run on a Sunday just after dawn breaks. Down our long driveway , along Roaring Beach Road, past the beach turn off to the forked tree on the left where I turn around and head home via the beach. Always I stop and do my Chi Gong, sometime if the surf is inviting, I take a quick dip before tackling the hill home. I relish the unhurried pace, nothing to prove, running for the sheer joy of it.

My contact with patients remain the same, 2 days per week at Rosny Doctors near Hobart. Phone consults for interstate patients on Friday mornings plus 3 Melbourne trips per year.

As always Marion, with her superior organising skills, runs the show behind the scenes, as well as doing all our grocery shopping and driving. I am blessed. The remainder of my time I am delighting in living and breathing Roaring Beach. I make furniture and utensils out of local timber, knit incessantly, and turn out the odd kelp bowl. There is great pleasure in knowing that hard earned cash is parted with in exchange for my creations.

One of my favourite pursuits is hunting for abalone. I have been a diver for this much sought after delicacy since my teenage years, and the Tasman Peninsula has an abundance of great dive sites. Last year I harvested wakame for the first time. This native seaweed of Japan has seeded all down the east coast of Tasmania, originally from the ballast of Japanese cargo ships last century, and has now been added to our regular intake of kombu and nori, both of which we source from our beach.

Sadly we are short on rain at Roaring. Currently Marion hand waters all our vegetables, and we realise it is not worthwhile planting more fruit trees, as the citrus we put in 2 years ago are really struggling, our apple tree succumbed and our apricot is barely hanging in. The 6 gooseberry bushes that were gifted to us in 2014 produced a grand total of 590gm of berries last year!! Our bees on the other hand have been champions and we have had our first harvest of honey after 2 years.

Throughout the year I read avidly. Highly recommended are: Dying to be Me by Anita Moorjani, In The Midst of Life by Jennifer Worth, and both Grain Brain and Brainmaker by Dr David Perlmutter.

A word on workshops. There have been a number of enquiries as to whether I will be holding future workshops. The answer is no!! Unfortunately the workshop scenario for passing on Harmonic Medicine did not yield the results I had hoped for. For the right student I am happy to devote some time, provide a copy of my workshop notes, and advise reading material. I believe that those who are destined to master the technique will do so very easily with minimal instruction, just as I did 30 odd years ago.

I wish all of you who visit this page love and blessings for 2016. May you find delight in every day, and have gratitude for the bounty that is oursÂ….